Vintage items

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Is the item you're considering really "antique," "vintage," "collectible," "retro," or "classic? Delving further into what these terms actually mean can help you to buy and sell old items with more confidence. Buyers in the know understand that an antique is something quite specific, and not just "anything old.

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Fletcher of Skinner, Inc. Except for its disintegrated horns—and missing pull string—this toy appears to be in excellent condition, which keeps his value—and charm—high. All the necessary sewing accessories fit into tiny compartments tucked beneath the machine in its green baize-lined a felt- like woolen material case.

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Chances are, you can make money without ever leaving your home. Yes, the Beanie Baby craze was excessive. However, there are a few households items worth a lot of money that are probably in your possession right now.

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Chances are, there's more money in our homes than we realize. There is a market for collectibles of any kind—even those dusty old toys and sickeningly retro Pyrex casserole dishes your grandmother used to warm up meatloaf in can bring in hundreds of dollars. But it's not so easy to distinguish trash from treasure. So to help you along, here are 15 old things in your house that could be worth a fortune.

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Baseball cards can be worth a pretty penny. What's old isn't always new again, but your treasures from years past might make you wealthier. From books and vinyl records to silverware and porcelain vases, here are 16 things that have probably been lying around your home accumulating dust that could turn a serious profit.

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You can make a difference Everything you send gets sold or used, nothing ever goes to waste. Find out how here. Whatever the item.

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Skip to main content. Vintage Items. Top Selected Products from Our Brands.

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Not only is there too much stuff for sale, but tastes are changing. That means buyers may be scarce for your china, flatware, ornate silver tea sets, and formal furniture. But fear not.

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New eBay sellers may think it's difficult to find inventory to sell. This is often not the case, especially if you were born in Generation X and went to high school in the s. If you've held on to any of your old belongings, you may have all kinds of valuable items packed away in your garage, basement, or attic.

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All things vintage and antique have a strong appeal to many people, especially having in mind the fast-paced time we live in and the fact that we are surrounded by uniform mass-produced items. Whether a full-on antique lover or a modern minimalist looking for a unique touch for their home or apparel, the customers of these wares are as diverse as the objects themselves. However, there are some trends among people shopping vintage and items that are most sought after.


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